Purity Ring - peacefall (lyric video)

Purity Ring

Published on 18 March 2020

Description of Purity Ring - peacefall (lyric video)

'peacefall' by Purity Ring, from the new album WOMB, out now: https://purityring.ffm.to/womb

Directed and Edited by Eleanor Wilson & Alex Fischer
Stitched on a Lintz & Eckhardt Chainstitch Embroidery Machine by Megan James
Pyro by Megan James
DP : Cecil Frena
Song by Corin Roddick & Megan James
Backing Vocals by Jonas Bjerre



o what am i missing you said the kindest thing
o what am i missing anyone has ever said to me

you were playing nervous while you were playing with the drapes
mention somebody else and somebody else trying to escape
they were like your family but not like i am me
spoken like a prophet in all your misery

peace comes at dawn
but yours comes at night
riding your bicycle
into the light
ride like a maniac
into the light

one day soon the sky will fall and i'll be forced to see
somebody else and somebody else but you'll already be
here and not for wanting to be crying oer the sink
for somebody else and somebody else left you there to breathe